About us

SETIN is a medical distributor company, with dynamic and experienced team with big future goals, which
imports, exports, distributes wholesales and retails medical equipment. We are exporting to 3 other
countries/destinations and cooperating with 200 hospitals in Azerbaijan. Company in collaboration with the
many countries in the medical supplies field and medicine and cosmetic works with suppliers on official
distributorship and fully official basis. All imported products have international quality and origin certificates.



Using new technologies and up-to-date knowledge, SETIN Company has not only achieved superior quality in producing its products, but also provided proper competitive prices for customers in commercial contracts and in purchasing pharmaceutical products at home and abroad. This company has created a broad market and deep trust among the customers by exporting products from various countries of the world including Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Other honors of SETIN, which indicate its serious efforts and high standards, are gaining the trust of internationally accredited companies to undertake joint projects and licensed productions, as well as getting certified to ISO 9001 for quality management system, ISO 14001 for environmental management system, and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety system. SETIN strives to have an active global presence by adhering to professional ethics, international laws and standards, and safety principles. Furthermore, relying on the knowledge, innovation and creativity of its staff and benefiting from the views of the medical community, it tries to become a reassuring support for employees, stakeholders and all consumers.


SETIN Manufacturing and Trading Company is a reliable, pioneering and knowledge-based enterprise that produces cosmetics and personal hygiene products with a distinctive and superior quality and credibility. We attempt to design and produce a variety of high-quality cosmetics and personal healthcare products in order to promote the health and wellness of the society, and create value for domestic and foreign consumers. We are honored to declare that we follow an environmental approach, as well as an interactive approach to satisfy our stakeholders. Paying special attention to the different needs of our customers has led us to supply a variety of products with different specifications, based on the latest national and international quality standards, with the help of experienced specialists and advanced laboratories. In collaboration with academic and scientific centers we get assured of safety and effectiveness of our products. Our ultimate goal is to produce cosmetics and personal hygiene products to increase the level of health and beauty of all people in the society. Maintaining and enhancing the quality of these products is essential to achieve this important goal.


The product technology is available to all players in this market. We will differentiate ourselves by adding value through our distribution strategy and channels, and our comprehensive product lines and programs that make working with us incredibly easy. We are uniquely positioned to gain market share in this segment due to our corporate account relationships, our ability to build a regional (ultimately national) field clinical sales team quickly, and our ability to create compelling marketing programs. The competition is largely smaller, more local distributors and pharmacists who are not approaching this market in a sophisticated or coordinated way.