Whitelan Cure Step 2

Uses Suitable for use on skin with dark spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. Not suitable for very dark skin, Fitzpatrick types V and VI. Whitelan provides a newer, brighter complexion, helping regenerate and soften the skin while reducing wrinkles. Treats all kinds of dark spots. Reduces excess melanin production (hyperpigmentation) responsible for the appearance of melasma, […]


Acnezon formula was developed to tackle the four factors that trigger acne
Acnezon Therapy is suitable for all forms of acne, including inflammatory and non-inflammatory types.


Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule that is present in all living organisms. It acts as a precursor to essential coenzymes and is also one of the four monomers used in the synthesis of cellular RNA. It is known as Nature’s activator as it stimulates cell activation.


By applying the solution with Goldpen micro-needling therapy, results are improved. The action of the micro-needles enhance production of collagen and elastin and has a skin renovating effect. The biological actives stay in the dermis longer than if applied by injecting through mesotherapy, achieving better results in a shorter period of time.


Facial and body liposculpture is a technique used to recontour the skin using mesotherapy. This facilitates the treatment of unsightly fat deposits in parts of the body that do not respond to dieting.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the connective tissues of the human body, making up to around 30% of total protein content.


Our line of instant products in a gelatine powder with an extremely fast solubility that makes it quicker and easier to process food products by saving time and ensuring accuracy during dissolution and hydration respectively.


Gelatine is a natural and healthy food, being a pure protein made from animal raw material that contain collagen and is an extremely versatile hydrocolloid, which allows to endless applications.


GluGone® is safe to use on all skin types GluGone® saves time for all staff members, making removal of adhesives and dressings seamless GluGone® single-use vials are EtO sterilized and appropriate for use even in a sterile setting GluGone® safely removes adhesive residue by breaking down the adhesive barrier to the skin thus reducing the […]

Exofin Mastic

Maximum performance adhesive that adds additional holding strength to surgical tapes, dressings, and bandages Non-water soluble protection and gentle on all skin types Reduces healthcare costs by reducing dressing changes exofin® Mastic increases the holding power of dressings and catheters, guarding against unintended removal of the device exofin® Mastic is available in easy to use […]