GoldenPen is the most secure, hygienic, quick and effective trans-dermal penetration system of the market. Its electronic micro-needle unique system opens thousands of micro channels automatically.

GoldenPen is an effective as ablative laser treatments, like Fraxel, IPL, and comparable to the results of chemical peels. It can be used as an alternative therapy or even combine with others exiting therapies.

GoldenPen has a single use 11-pin head, easy to remove, hygienic and very economical.

Its exclusive needle-head, allows you to control the depth of penetration (0.25-2.5 mm.) and speed of the needles, up to 120 cycles per second, making possible to create up to 1200 micro-channels per second.

At a depth constantly adaptable. This increases exponentially the possibilities of penetration of active ingredients and therefore the results obtained.