Specially suitable to calm and moisturize the skin after aggressive treatments such as micro needle therapy (Dermica Pen) or Laser. This Hydra Gel mask has been developed following TCD technology (Transdermal Delivery Cosmetic) so that the high temperature of the skin causes the rupture of the microcapsules contained, releasing the active ingredients that are readily absorbed. The result is a rapid and efficient penetration of the ingredients in the deep layers of the skin.

Its components are highly moisturizers and activators of collagen. Stimulates the growth process of the fibroblasts which accelerate collagen production and the healing process of the “micro-wounds” caused by the application of DermicaPen. The result is a significant improvement in elasticity and skin rejuvenation and a continuing hydration effect of the dermis.

Its use provides a cooling and hyper-hydratation effect of the skin, reduces scleroderma and lowers skin temperature by 6º after 15 minute of application. This is extremely comfortable for the patient after treatments as DermicaPen or Laser Fraxel. Furthermore, the thin layer of Hydra Gel prevents evaporation of the applied solution, providing a greater moisturizing effect. Its components protect the skin against free radicals, while its anti-bacterial effect protects from infections.