The process would be the next:
  • Enzyme carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPTI) from the external mitochondrial membrane eliminates the coenzyme A from the Acyl-CoA while attaches it to the L- Carnitine placed within the intermembrane space, producing Acyl Carnitine; the CoA remains free within the cellular cytoplasm in order to activate another fatty acid.
  • Then, a transporter protein known as translocase of the inner membrane, transfers the Acyl Carnitine to the z while the carnitine Palmitoyltransferase II (CPTII) joints a CoA molecule from the fatty acid matrix, and therefore regenerating the Acyl-CoA.
  • L- Carnitine returns to the place between the membranes trough the transporter protein and reacts with the other Acyl-CoA, repeating the whole cycle. L -Carnitine helps the degradation of the triglycerides within the mitochondrias and cellular organelles responsible of that trough the cellular transport. This way the metabolism is boosted and the fat combustion generating heat over the area treated.


How to use it:

This ampoules has been designed for topical use, electrophoresis, iontophoresis, and mesotherapy transdermal superficial injection, deepness from 0,5 mm to 1,5 mm, don’t need to go deep like other products such as PPC.

Other dosage methods: L-Carnitine injection is recommended at 1 ampoule every 2 days for best result. However, you may reduce the dosage with the advice of doctor. The L-carnitine is taken intravenously either by normal injection or using a butterfly needle. After taking this L-carnitine, you can carry out exercise around 15-20 minutes daily.


L-Carnitine is belongs to the group named Amino Acid. Our body produces it to maintain basic metabolism. It is important in transporting fatty acids from outside the cells into the cells, for burning in Mitochondria and releasing energy. Some sportsman’s using this L-carnitine to enhance their performance and tone up their muscles. The benefits of taking this injection are:

  • Utilization of energy – Fatty acids is transported more into the cells for burning. Energy yield and you can lose more weight by exercising.
  • Balanced Cholesterol level – Because the fatty acids are being used up for burning, thus our cholesterol level will be balanced up by increasing the HDL and lowering LDL.
  • Healthy Heart – Because the cholesterol level is in controlled, so the risk at which arteriosclerosis will be minimized. If a person who has exposed to arte riosclerosis and aged, he will definitely facing the risk of heart attack because the heart is using a lot of energy to pump blood through narrow vessels.
  • Muscle building – For people who work out in gym, they will use L-carnitine for toning up the muscles. When fatty acids are transported and burned in mitochondria, those fat tissues will getting lesser and more muscle is built by exercising.